Opparathe City of Empire, (pronounced oh-PAH-rah) is the capital of Taldor, and by far the largest city in the realm. It is an ancient and thriving city which earned the title the Gilded City because of the many roofs, spires, and domes that once glittered with gold plating in the high afternoon sun. Even though the metal was long ago stripped away, Oppara remains the example of what the empire once was and what it could be again, though today it is plagued with mismanagement, selfish aristocrats, poverty, and crime.

Oppara is located atop the Black Cliffs of the Mighty Porthmos, thirty miles upriver from the enormous mouth of the river that flows into the Inner Sea. The deep Porthmos is full of shipping traffic.

The notorious crime syndicate known as the Brotherhood of Silence is headquartered in Oppara, and maintains chapterhouses in most other major Taldan cities.

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