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Andoran: A former province of Cheliax, it is now a parliamentary democracy where all are equal before the law.

Absalom: The City at the Center of the World, located on the Isle of Kortos in the Inner Sea.

Belhaim: A small town in Taldor's section of the Verduran Forest.

  • The Witch Tower: An old, sealed ruin at the edge of town, said to be haunted. Now partially collapsed.
  • The Wise Piper Inn: One of the few places to stay or dine in Belhaim, it is owned by Talia Orem.
  • The Old Quarry: A flooded quarry outside of town, also known as The Lake. There's a kobold clanhold in the adjacent tunnels, which the party has cleared out.
  • Hunclay Manor: The manor house of the late wizard Balthus Hunclay, the party cleared it of traps and it has been offered to them as a reward for slaying the dragon Szangi.

Bellis: A remote town in far northeast Andoran on the banks of the Sellen River, bordering Taldor and the Verduran Forest.

  • Chapel of Shelyn: where the wedding was held
  • Honeywine Meadery: local tavern and meadery
  • Soot and Smithy: blacksmith shop run by Halak
  • Winmede's Remedies: local apothecary run by Kailah's family

Fellnight Realm: a demiplane between the Material Plane, Shadow Plane, and the First World, where Queen Rhoswen was imprisoned. 

Oppara: The capital of Taldor and by far its largest city, located far south of the Verduran Forest.

  • The Narrows: An impoverished district where Knives grew up. It is controlled by the Brotherhood of Silence.

The Empire of Taldor: Once the mightiest nation in Avistan, now it is a realm of decline and decadence, basking in memories of faded glory.

Verduran Forest: The largest woodlands in Avistan, it straddles the borders of Taldor, Andoran, and Galt.

  • Dragonfen: A wetland in the Verduran Forest, once home to the black dragon Aeteperax.
  • Monastery of Saint Kyerixus: An Irori monastery in the Dragonfen.



Main Page

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