Countless holidays and festivals are celebrated throughout Golarion. They commemorate a famous occurrence in local history, honor a god or goddess, celebrate a change in seasons, or are so incredibly old that everyone has forgotten their origin. Below is a short listing of the most famous festivals organized by the month of the year in which they occur. Some happen on a specific calendar day each year, while others are a bit more flexible. If the holiday is only celebrated in a certain part of the world, or dedicated to a particular deity, that is listed as well in brackets. If there is no geographical indicator, it means that it is observed more widely.


* Full Moon: Longnight: All-night festival in which revelers defy the darkness of winter and stay up to greet the dawn.

* 1 New Year

* 6 Vault Day (Abadar)


* 2 Calistril: Merrymead (Druma, Cayden Cailean): During this holiday in celebration of the approaching Spring, the previous year's alcohol is consumed.

* 19 Calistril: Loyalty Day (Cheliax, Asmodeus): This national holiday commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Egorian which ended Cheliax's civil war and installed the diabolic House Thrune on the throne


* 5 Pharast: Day of Bones (Pharasma): Priests and worshipers of the Lady of Graves parade the bodies of the recently dead on this holiday, holding free burials afterwards.

* Vernal Equinox: Days of Wrath (Cheliax, Asmodeus): Contests and blood sports are held to honor and elevate those who are superior.

* Vernal Equinox: Firstbloom (Gozreh): Fertility dances celebrate the coming of spring.

* Vernal Equinox: Planting Week (Erastil): This holy week to the god Erastil is a time of heavy work in the fields for farmers.


* 7 Gozran: Currentseve (Gozreh): On this religious holiday, all who travel on the water make offerings to Gozreh in the hopes of safe passage for the coming year.

* 15 Gozran: Taxfest (Abadar): Priests of the god accompany tax collectors on this holiday. After completing their duties, the church sponsors large (and free) public celebrations to help mend relations with common folk.


* Full Moon: Remembrance Moon (Iomedae, Lastwall, Ustalav):  A national holiday to commemorate those who died in the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. Although not strictly a religious holiday, Iomedae's name is heavily invoked, due to her many military accomplishments during the war.

* 2 Desnus: Ascendance Night (Norgorber): Day marking the apotheosis of the Reaper of Reputation.

* 12 Desnus: Burning Blades (Sarenrae): Start of 30-day festival honoring Sarenrae.


* 10 Sarenith: Burning Blades (Sarenrae): The holy, month-long festival ends on this day, featuring dances with flaming blades.

* 22 Riverwind Festival (Korvosa): An early summer holiday that honors a cooling shift in the winds, celebrated with much drinking.

* Summer Solstice: Days of Wrath (Cheliax, Asmodeus): Contests and blood sports are held to honor and elevate those who are superior.

* Summer Solstice: Ritual of Stardust (Desna): Festival held in the evening and through the night, where Desna's faithful sing songs and throw sand and powdered gems into bonfires.

* Summer Solstice: Sunwrought Festival (Sarenrae): Day commemorating the defeat of Rovagug by Sarenrae, celebrated with the flying of kites, fireworks, and gift giving.


* 3 Erastus: Archer's Day or Archerfeast (Erastil): Holy day celebrated with archery contests, bartering for livestock, and the courting of women.


* 1 Arodus: Inheritor's Ascendance (Iomedae)

* 16 Arodus: Armasse (Aroden, Iomedae): Holy day where commoners are trained to fight and historical tales are told with the hope that someone will learn from them.

* 31 Arodus: Saint Alika's Birthday (Korvosa): Quiet holiday honoring the birth of Saint Alika the Martyr.


* Early Autumn:  First Brewing (Cayden Cailean): The date of this religious holiday changes from year to year, but usually occurs about a month after the harvest of crops used for alcoholic beverages. Cayden's priests use this holiday to bless the harvest and reflect on the hard work of the Accidental God's devotees.

* Second Oathday: Signing Day (Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger): Festival marking the day these nations gained their independence from Taldor.

* 6 Rova: Start of Classes (Acadamae, Arcanamirium, College of Mysteries, Clockwork Cathedral)

* 19 Rova: Day of the Inheritor (Iomedae): Holiday commemorating the church of Iomedae's adoption of the forlorn faithful of the dead god Aroden into their midst.

* Autumnal Equinox: Days of Wrath (Cheliax, [[Asmodeus): Contests and blood sports are held to honor and elevate those who are superior. In AR 4733, the autumnal equinox falls on 23 Rova.

* Autumnal Equinox: Swallowtail Festival (Desna): Holiday celebrated with storytelling, feasting, and the release of butterflies. In AR 4733, the autumnal equinox falls on 23 Rova.


* Second Moonday: Harvest Festival: Harvest celebration marking the end of many agricultural activities with the coming of winter. In AR 4733, the festival falls on 9 Lamashan.

* 6 Lamashan: Ascendance Day (Iomedae): Holiday marking the ascension of the goddess Iomedae after taking the Test of the Starstone.

* Lamashan 27: Jestercap (Andoran, Druma, Taldor): Holiday marked by the playing of many practical jokes; particularly popular among gnomes.

* 30 Lamashan: Allbirth (Lamashtu)


* Late Autumn: Market's Door (Abadar): One of the two major holy days for most Abadarans, Market's Door which varies from year to year, marks the arrival of the first shipment of fruit and goods from the fall harvest.

* 8 Neth: Abjurant Day (Nethys): Day of communal strengthening of defenses and the teaching of magic to children.

* 13 Neth: Great Fire Remembrance (Korvosa): Holiday commemorates the dead of the Great Fire of 4429 AR.

* 14 Neth: Even-Tongued Day (Cheliax, Asmodeus): Day that celebrates when Andoran, Galt, and Isger were put under Chelish control.

* 18 Neth: Evoking Day (Nethys): Holiday marked by displays of fireworks and magical duels (both mock and real).

* 23 Neth: Seven Veils: Celebration of the unity of all races, commemorated by multi-species masquerade balls.

* 28 Neth: Transmutatum (Nethys): Festival promoting self-improvement.


* Second Week (Sunday to Starday): Winter Week: Traditional feast; time for courting and spending time with friends.

* 11 Kuthona: Ascension Day (Cayden Cailean): Holiday celebrating Cayden's divine ascension after taking the Test of the Starstone.

* 31 Kuthona: Night of the Pale: Night of morbid revelry, as people wait indoors for the ghosts of last year's dead to pass by their homes.

* Winter Solstice: Crystalhue (Shelyn): Holiday marked by the creation of artistic works, and the start of romantic courtships.

* Winter Solstice: Days of Wrath (Cheliax, Asmodeus): Contests and blood sports are held to honor and elevate those who are superior.

* Winter Solstice: Ritual of Stardust (Desna): Bi-annual festival held on the solstices, where the faithful of Desna sing songs through the night around bonfires.

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