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  • Making a Splash

    24 Pharast, 4723

    Magic can dry out my clothes, but it can't banish the stink of smoke from them. That was my final lesson of this long and strange day.

    Following my last entry, we had descended to the second level of the …

  • The Day the Tower Fell

    24 Pharast, 4723

    I am writing this while seated atop a treasure chest, in an ancient dungeon deep below the earth. This has been a most unusual day.

    It began in the inn, where I was reviewing my notes when a half …

  • Kobold Komplications

    24 Pharast, 4723

    Thank Desna for my waterproof book bag. It truly is a necessity for the field researcher.

    Picking up from my last entry, we continued into the low tunnel the kobolds had burrowed into the Witch …

  • Extreme Diplomacy

    24 Pharast, 4723

    Two berserker episodes in the same day. It's been months since I was this unstable. This whole expedition is stirring up the worst in me. But with innocents in danger, what choice do I have but to …