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  • Making a Splash

    Fireday, 24 Pharast, 4723

    Magic can dry out my clothes, but it can't banish the stink of smoke from them. That was my final lesson of this long and strange day.

    Following my last entry, we had descended to the second level of …

  • The Day the Tower Fell

    Fireday, 24 Pharast, 4723

    I am writing this while seated atop a treasure chest, in an ancient dungeon deep below the earth. This has been a most unusual day.

    It began in the inn, where I was reviewing my notes …

  • Kobold Komplications

    Fireday, 24 Pharast, 4723

    Thank Desna for my waterproof book bag. It truly is a necessity for the field researcher.

    Picking up from my last entry, we continued into the low tunnel the kobolds had burrowed into …

  • Extreme Diplomacy

    Fireday, 24 Pharast, 4723

    Two berserker episodes in the same day. It's been months since I was this unstable. This whole expedition is stirring up the worst in me. But with innocents in danger, what choice do I have …

  • Reckoning with Roaghaz

    Starday, 25 Pharast, 4723

    I beat the kobold chieftain with my staff until it shattered over his ruined skull. I've had that staff for a month, since I landed in [[Taldor]]. It was to accompany me on my scholarly …

  • Into the Wizard's Manor

    Starday, 25 Pharast, 4723

    I have never been happier to take a bath than I was today. [[:aldern | Aldern's]] magics were handy in the kobold tunnels, even if they tickled, but nothing gives you than deep clean feeling …

  • Fish in a Barrel

    Sunday, 26 Pharast, 4723

    I can now add "demon-slayer" to my resume, thanks to the recklessness of [[:balthus]]. And I'm still seeing spots in my vision after walking through his blasted wall of light.

  • Auction Day

    Oathday, 30 Pharast, 4723

    Today, our group nearly came to blows over who would carry a magic bag that we don't even have yet, but we resolved the dispute with a compromise and a Tian game of chance. It's been that …

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