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  • Balthus Hunclay

    Belhaim's resident wizard, who had long sought to tear down the Witch Tower. He was killed in a cave in beneath the tower, where he was directing a group of kobolds to help him undermine it. But the kobolds had other orders.

  • Chief Roaghaz

    Leader of the local kobold clan, the Blood Vows, he is said to be a mage. He was responsible for the incursion into the Witch Tower, and for the kobolds' abductions of travelers and villagers. He also has been running a breeding program to create nastier …

  • Aeteperax

    A legendary dragon that once lived near [[Belhaim]], it was believed to have been slain long ago by the village founder [[:tula | Tula Belhaim]]. Now, however, the local kobolds are worshiping it as a new "god." According to [[:nilos]], Tula and her …

  • Pentosh

    A servant of [[:false-aeteperax]], Pentosh prepared _potions of gaseous form_ for the dragon. The party confronted her in the belfry of the abandoned monastery and cut her down.

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