The Harrowing

Tenzekil's Last Stand

Sofie's Journal

Fireday, 28 Erastus, 4723

Today I was mind controlled, attacked by a giant bee, and walked into a nightmare realm of shadows, but I am pretty sure what will haunt me most is the image of Knives wringing pixie blood out Tagnus' beard.

After our battle with the invisible pixies, where I believe that my thoughts were compromised by fell magic, we set about repairing the wall of ward stones. I told the others that if they ever suspect me of having been charmed, they should of ask me to drink my potion of protection from evil

Our repair efforts were interrupted by the arrival of that evil bleached gnome Tenzekil, who was accompanied by a giant man-sized be and a swarm of regular-sized bees. Looking even more haggard than he had before, Tenzekil warned us that Rhoswen's magic is too strong to resist and that even he could not stand against it. Which honestly sounds pretty self-aggrandizing now that I think of it.

Naturally, we refused to back down. Tenzekil responded with a blast of magical lightning and battle was joined. Knives and I took on the giant bee, while Tagnus engaged with the bee swarm and Kubo went straight for the gnome. The surviving invisible pixie peppered us with magic arrows, but thankfully none of its spells took hold.

Knives got the killing blow on the bee, which distressed Tenzekil a great deal. I should feel sorry for the poor creature, but right now all I feel is numb. Tagnus naturally incinerated the bee swarm and all attention turned to the gnome. Tenzekil dropped to his knees, crying out "Curse you Rhoswen, you've cost me everything I've ever loved."

Kubo was poised behind him, ready to deliver the killing blow, when fGAFSgsDAFGfssgfgSgSGfFDHFAg

Apologies for the ink blot. I shall have to clean it up later.

Needless to say, with the Tenzekil situation resolved, our remaining concern was the damn invisible pixie. The druid transformed into a bat and managed to pinpoint the fairy's position with echolocation. He then ensnared the creature within a wall of wind. Knives, Tagnus and I all converged on the creature to turn it into a pulp. My friends then managed to disgust me by choosing to bathe in the red mist. 

Knives realized that pixie blood might be valuable, so she set about squeezing some of it from Tagnus' beard and into a bottle. It was truly disgusting. Afterwards, they discovered what I had realized days ago—without dear Aldern, we have no means of magically cleaning ourselves. And it turns out that pixie blood really starts to stink after a few hours.

Tagnus used his magics to consult with the grumpy local trees about a good place to camp, as well as directions to Rhoswen's palace. He led us to a clearing, where he has cast several spells to create a secure dwelling for us. I need to set my pen down now as the hour grows late.

Starday, 29 Erastus, 4723 

I didn't think my hatred of this place could grow any stronger. I was wrong.

After a cold, gloomy breakfast, we set out for a day of trudging towards Rhoswen's distant palace. Although there is a path through the dark forest, it is not well maintained and we encountered many obstacles. Knives and I were able shimmy our way through some thick vines. Tagnus just walked through them without issue, but Kubo had to cut his way.

Next, we encountered some very large spiderwebs. Naturally, we suspected a giant spider was nearby, and we glimpsed a shape moving high above in the canopy. Knives managed to deftly navigate the webs. I knew I couldn't match her gracefulness, so I tried to just charge through. That was a bad idea. I got stuck in place by an exceptionally large web.

Tagnus simply flew past with his damn bat cloak. I managed to wrench myself free and tore through the remaining webs, punching a hole that Kubo followed. I came out the other side in a foul mood, covered with sticky white spiderwebs. Knives snickered when I got stuck, but she is a good friend and tried to help me clean off. It didn't do much good—only a wizard could get the damn webs off me in any timely fashion.

Soon after, we paused to eat some more cold rations. Kubo managed to terrify us by relating how he'd heard that if one eats the food in a fairy realm, they are unable to leave it.

Our next fucking obstacle was a big bog. I started to scout the safest path, but Tagnus suggested that we just fly across. He used his cape of the bat to ferry Knives to the other side. I scooped up Kubo and carried him over with my winged boots.

After the bog, we passed by an area of noxious, rotten odors. The others managed to pass through it without incident, but I caught a whiff of it and puked my lunch out onto the trail. Knives is a good friend and held my hair back, but I still ended up with flecks of vomit stuck to my spiderwebs. I am a complete fucking mess and need a bath immediately, but we have another half of a fucking day to travel before we even reach the fey queen's palace.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

As we got closer to the palace, we tried to move with greater stealth. Kubo and I are terrible at this and we managed to get spotted by a pair of spriggans. The two little fairies didn't know what hit them.

Tagnus called down a swarm of fangs and then an entangle spell to harm the creatures and keep them from fleeing back to their masters. Kubo hung back a loosed arrows. I killed a fleeing spriggan with a toss of my hand axe Kasta to the back of their head. Knives managed to shank the last survivor as he his held is pinned Tagnus.

The dwarf then found a hidden cave where we can rest up for the evening. We buried the bodies within the stone. As I write this, I can see another patrol of spriggans passing on the road below, oblivious to the loss of their fellows.

Tomorrow, we reach Rhoswen's palace. I swear, if she has a bath house I will wade right into that fucking thing. I feel gross, and this gloomy oppressive plane magnifies every awful sensation and foul mood. I am trying to store up every grievance so as to unload them all on Rhoswen when we see her.


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