The Harrowing

Commanding the Plants

Sofie's Journal

Moonday, 1 Arodus, 4723

Thankfully, no one discovered us while we slept in the pantry.  

Knives wanted to finish exploring the palace level we were on, so we checked the last door at the end of the hall. Peering through it, we saw that it opened onto a balcony garden. The plants, which were similar to but not quite the same as flora from the Verduran Forest. Unlike everywhere else in this wretched plane, the plants here were colorful and healthy. The most distinguishing feature was an apple tree with silver apples that literally glowed.

The whole place could not have shouted "trap" louder if we gave it a bullhorn.

But Knives would not be deterred. Using a throwing dagger and her whip, she managed to dislodge and retrieve one of the apples. She began cutting it into pieces to share. Bioluminescence is not a great marker of edibility in normal circumstances, so I urged her not to have any. But she went ahead and ate a piece, becoming rapidly intoxicated.

With Knives leading the way, we ventured up into a side tower. I did my best to be stealthy, but that's hard to do in metal winged boots. The noise drew the attention of a group of spriggans on the tower roof, and Knives decided to set a trap for them. She ignited a smoke stick, drawing their attention while creating a screen.

Two spriggans ventured down the ladder from the tower roof, right into the clutches of Knives and Tignus lurking in the smoke. As the vapors cleared, two more spriggans loosed their crossbows from the trapdoor in the ceiling. Kubo launched arrows back at them, but they slammed the door shut and deflect an arrow down into me. I was unlucky enough to have just charged up to strike one of the beleaguered spriggans on the ground. Knives and I finished it off, while Tignus bit off the head of the other.

The spriggans above reopened the trap door and I took the opportunity to leap up and attack them. Knives followed up the ladder after me, while Tignus leapt up overhead. We made short work of them.

We found ourselves on top of a tower looking over the rooftops of the palace. There was another guard tower across from us where the spriggans were on alert. But the high tower in which Queen Rhoswen presumably resides was only accessible by walk along a rooftop that was covered by a canopy of intertwined branches.

We steeled ourselves for a final confrontation with the fey queen, but we were ambushed by yet more spriggans hiding in the canopy. They tried to engage in hit and run tactics, attacking from cover and disappearing into the leaves. They also used the three dimensionality of the space against us, attacking from all sides and directly above. When we charged them on the ground, they would scamper up the branches out of reach.

I used my winged boots to chase after them, while Kubo kept having to switch between his sword and his bow. Knives had the hardest time of it pinning down an enemy. Tignus, even in his tiger form, was able to speak to the plants in the canopy and get them to stop providing cover for the spriggans. That made our job much easier, but it was still grueling work cutting the little gray bastard to shreds.

Now we've taken a breather to patch up our wounds before pressing on to what I hope will be the final fight with Rhoswen. I am so fucking sick of this place.


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