A loan shark with a fondness for daggers


Half Orc female with green skin, black hair and grey eyes. Often seen with a narrowed eyes and a tense posture. Occasionally seen with wide eyes and a toothy grin before trouble starts.


“Knives” is originally from the grand city of Oppara, The Gilded City. More specifically from the part of the city known as The Narrows. The daughter of a factory worker father and a mother who fell ill shortly after Knives was born. Knives has spent most of her life raising herself with her father working grueling hours and mother being bed ridden.

During her time in Oppara Knives has learned a lot of lessons in life, many of them the hard way. But among these lessons the most important one has been “money makes the world go round”. The wealthy politician care not for those who cannot line their pockets and neither do the merchants or even the “Brotherhood of Silence”. All of them work to secure their own power and wealth at the detriment of those that put in a hard day’s work.

For a time in her life Knives pitied her father. Working hard to care for an ill wife and troublesome daughter. Life was hard and Knives learned to do what she must to help support the small family. Knives learned the ways of the narrows and how best to take advantage of work that was beneath even the Brotherhood’s concerns. Eventually her mother passed away and father stopped returning to the shack in the Narrows thag Knives called home. After some weeks Knives found out what had become of father. It seemed it was easy for her father to take his earning he use to spend on prolonging the life of his wife and daughter and instead began a new life in the part of the city known as Crownsgate. Father had taken a liking to the illicit activities and women often found there at night. It was only a matter of time before father had gathered too much debt with the wrong people and soon the debts of the father fell to his daughter.

Knives was no success story and could not pay her father’s debts. She was given one choice for paying them back but she dislike their offer of spending the rest of her days as a street walker. She turned the offer down the only way she knew how, with the blood of dangerous people and a lot of running. Knives then fled the city and left her father to whatever fate the Brotherhood has for him. She has now found herself in a small backwoods village known as Belhaim. Knives hopes that the Brotherhood will have better things to do then hunt down a half orc with a chip on her shoulder.


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