A legendary dragon, believed dead


A legendary dragon that once lived near Belhaim, it was believed to have been slain long ago by the village founder Tula Belhaim. Now, however, the local kobolds are worshiping it as a new “god.”

According to Nilos, Tula and her band of dragonslayers set out to kill the monster in the Dragonfen. But the survivors only returned with some dragon scales as proof they had done the deed.

A sickly and rotten-seeming Aeteperax appeared at the auction of the Hunclay estate to demand five of the wizard’s rare tomes, plus an enormous ransom from the town. (Hunclay apparently had some sort of agreement with the creature). Aldern, however, suspected that the dragon was in fact an illusion of some sort.

This suspicion was confirmed when the party discovered the bones of what could only be the dread Aeteperax coiled around the entrance to Tula Belhaim’s tomb.


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