The Harrowing

The Verduran Conclave

Sofie's Journal

Oathday, 27 Erastus, 4723

Things have a taken a turn for the strange. 

After collecting the magic ward stones from beneath the waterfall, we found ourselves in a bad spot. Tenzekil and at least 40 spriggans had surrounded us and demanded that we surrender. Kubo was in no mood parlay or lay down arms. I was starting to think that I would would be joining my ancestors in Valenhal. I didn't even notice Knives taking the bag of holding from me.

Then the velvety voice of Lord Palombier the unicorn called out to us, asking that we leap from the cliff. Kubo made the jump first, and I did not hear a crunch when he landed. The spriggans loosed a volley of crossbow bolts at us and one slipped past my breastplate painfully. Knives jumped from the cliff next, and Tagnus followed but stumbled when he tried to jump. He toppled over the edge and turned into an earth elemental to merge with the stone when landing.

I was the last to make the leap of faith. When I dropped through the fading mists, I landed on a unicorn's back. Knives was riding Lord Palombier himself, that lucky girl, and Kubo had a unicorn as well. There was a whole herd of the beautiful creatures waiting here. Tagnus returned to his dwarf self and climbed aboard another one, at which point the unicorns teleported us away. 

We materialized in a hidden clearing beneath the thick forest canopy. We were not alone alone. Aside from the unicorn herd, there were also wood elves, centaurs, a wide variety of fey creatures, the treant Vinroot, and a green bear.

After healing our wounds, Lord Palombier explained to us that this was a conclave of different factions of inhabitants from the Verduran Forest. Unfortunately, there were significant divisions between the groups. Palombier hoped we might be able to convince them to unite against Rhoswen the Fellnight Queen.

To gather more information, Tagnus communed with the plants. He learned that the Centaurs run wild, ignoring the boundaries of the Elves and Fey, and many want to fight the humans who despoil the forest. The Elves and Fey have a border dispute. Some Fey also want to go after the Centaurs. 

We decided to split up and speak to each faction individually: I to the Elves, Kubo to the Fey, Tagnus to Vinroot, and Knives to the Centaurs.

I have never been especially well-spoken, but I am fluent in Elvish when probably counted for something. Their leader Lialera Shantru was a warrior, so we also found some shared respect on that front as well. In blunt language, she told me that the Centaurs have been running wild through the Elves' lands, ignoring the Elves' efforts to steer them onto particular paths. 

She also said that the "horse perverts" also overrun their crops and violate their "privacy." Though I am not the most worldly person, even I could read through the lines there.

Lialera also told me that the Elves have a dispute with the Fey: the river river marking the border between their realms had shifted, and the Elves felt the Fey are encroaching on the territory where they cultivate their recreational drugs. I suggested that they could reach a land sharing agreement with the Fey so that they can retain access to their "herbs." Lialera said she would only accept a solemn agreement with Arifa.

While I was speaking with the Elves, Kubo was negotiating with the Fey leaders, the satyr Malagorn and the nymph Arifa. They told him that the shifting of the river's course revealed ancient circles of magic rocks that the Fey want access to. But the Elves have sent warriors in that are keeping them from the rocks. Kubo, perhaps overhearing my conversation, suggested reaching a land-sharing agreement with the Elves.

The Fey also didn't like how the Centaurs would run through their territory, disrupting their merrymaking and bothering them. It was becoming clear that the Centaurs were major troublemakers.

Tagnus talked to the treant Vinroot and the bear, a wildshaped druid Devarre. The dwarf managed to obtain another gourd of nodrim, and learned that there was a barrier between the realms that needs to be restored. Tagnus asked if it would work on squirrels, but didn't get a firm answer.

After reporting back, Tagnus shared some nodrim with Knives. She took it about as well as I did, which meant she went to her meeting very inebriated.

Fortunately, the Centaurs had all the maturity of a gang of teenagers, so her bellicose drunkenness probably helped. Based on what I could gather from after the fact, the Centaurs wanted the Elves to judge their races, which is very culturally important to them. They also want the Fey to stop warping their tracks. Knives suggested they set a racing season, so they won't disrupt their neighbors.

After conferring with each other, we presented our findings to the conclave and urged them to unite against the Fellnight Queen. To my great surprise, we were successful!

The party is still going on and I should get back to it before it gets much later. 

Fireday, 28 Erastus, 4723 

It is growing serious.

Knives woke up in the middle of the night, fatigued and wounded. She had received a disturbing vision of Rhoswen's victory. 

The Conclave is concerned. They want to send us into the Fellnight Realm, to restore the seal and vanquish Rhoswen, while their forces battle her army of spriggans.

This is not exactly what I signed up for when Knives and I came here to attend a wedding. But I don't suppose we have any choice other than to confront this evil head on.

I need to write a letter to Aldern before we leave this plane of existence. 


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