The Harrowing

The Dark Forest

Sofie's Journal

Fireday, 28 Erastus, 4723

I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place. It feels like the entire plane of existence is slowly smothering me.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, we have been tasked with venturing into the wretched Fellnight Realm, restoring the ward stones that keep the evil fey queen Rhoswen bound within, and then travel to the highest tower to conduct a ritual with the Crook of Seldurine to complete the binding.

After we bartered with our hosts for some additional supplies and left our animals in their care, Lord Palombier and his unicorns offered to teleport us directly to the portal to the Fellnight Realm. Knives called dibs on riding Lord Palombier, which felt kind of greedy, but I was able to find an equally beautiful creature to ride. Kubo took a distinguished older unicorn. Tagnus somehow ended up with the ugliest unicorn. I swear that it had humps and spat like a camel!

The unicorns transported us to a fairy circle in the deep forest. Lord Palombier told us that we simply had to enter the circle and will our way into the Fellnight Realm. Getting back might be more difficult.

As we stepped into the ring of mushrooms, Tagnus came to believe that they might grant him special powers and licked one of the toadstools. I don't think he was expecting it to transform him into a toad, and we were all surprised when toad kept his tangled beard. "Toadnas" perched on Kubo's shoulder and the two of them entered the Fellnight Realm.

I hung back for a moment and confided in Knives about how truly afraid I am to be traveling into the domain of evil fairies. These creatures are the stuff of nightmares in the Linnorm Kingdoms. Knives was very supportive, and I'm glad she's here with me.

The Fellnight Realm is a sickly, gloomy shadow of the Verduran Forest. The trees are much more sparse, and covered in thorns. Knives got scraped up climbing one of them to get a look at our surroundings. We began making our way through the forest towards the wall of stones that makes up the Faneguard. Our first task is to restore the stolen ward stones to their place in the wall.

Even with Toadnas and I navigating, it was slow going through the dark forest. We steered clear of anything unusual, like the eerily pristine pool of water or the abandoned elven village. We heard wargs howling to one another in the distance, and Toadnas used a bit of magic to allow us to pass without a trace so the beasts wouldn't pick up our scent. 

We started to see large clusters of torches through the trees. These were great camps of spriggans, hundreds of them, that we had to carefully wend our way between without being spotted by their patrols.

Unfortunately, even with the greatest care we still managed to walk into an ambush. A trio of spriggans mounted on wargs surrounded us, with two moving in to attack while the third circled around the battle. I remembered to activate my winged boots this time, but I mistakenly chose to charge the warg to my right rather than trying to close with the third warg. As the battle began, that third rider raced away from the battle, no doubt to alert the spriggan army. The other two riders and their beasts fell quickly before us, and we made haste towards our objective.

We've reached the wall now and have just reached the hole. There aren't any spriggans in sight, but I get the sense we aren't alone.


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