Tag: Kobold


  • Nighttail

    An unusually intelligent kobold, Nighttail's clan was wiped out by gnomes and she joined the clan based in the old quarry. She advised the chieftain to move further away from the human settlement of Belhaim and also warned him against partnering with the …

  • Chief Roaghaz

    Leader of the local kobold clan, the Blood Vows, he is said to be a mage. He was responsible for the incursion into the Witch Tower, and for the kobolds' abductions of travelers and villagers. He also has been running a breeding program to create nastier …

  • Snorkel

    One of the kobolds of [[:roaghaz | Roaghaz's]] clan, he and his companions surrendered to the party after an intense fight in the clanhold. He has been remanded to [[:nighttail | Nighttail's]] custody.