Tag: Druid


  • Emarthine Willoway

    A druid and proprietor of the Willoway Orchards, Emarthine is concerned about the disappearance of two other druids. Emarthine traveled with the scholar Vyncis Voadys when he visited the area before his disappearance 15 years ago.

  • Azmur Kell

    A druid who lives with his wife outside Belhaim, he went missing several weeks before the party arrived. The adventurers later discovered that he had been working for the [[:false-aeteperax]], who was holding his pregnant wife hostage. He has agreed to …

  • Rima Kel

    The wife of [[:azmur]], she was held captive by [[:false-aeteperax]] to ensure his compliance with the dragon's wishes. She was safely rescued after Szangi's death.

  • Devarre

    A mysterious druid living in the woods west of [[Bellis]], he may have insight into [[:rhoswen | Rhoswen]] and the strange mists engulfing the town.