A scholar from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings


Sofia “Sofie” Gundarsdotter hails from the Ironbound Isles in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, far to the northwest of the continent of Avistan. The daughter of Jarl Gundar “Troll-Biter” Ostogsson and Ingrit “Glint-Tongue” Svalkesdotter, Sofie studied natural philosophy at the University of Absalom, prior to her expulsion for disorderly conduct.

In a last chance at saving her scholarly career, she has left Absalom to journey into the Verduran Forest for field research. A mere 20 years of age, Sofie has an air of innocence about her that belies her unfortunate penchant for slipping into violent rages when provoked.

Like many Ulfen women, she is tall, standing just shy of six feet. Sofie has pale blue eyes, golden hair, and fair skin. She favors blue and white clothing, continuing to wear northern fashions despite her years of study in Absalom’s cultural melting pot. She left the city with no weapons aside from a quarterstaff and a hunting dagger, but has since come into a significant arsenal. She always seems to have pen and ink ready to hand for jotting down notes in her scholar’s journal.

As she has gotten caught up battling the dangers that afflict Belhaim, Sofie has—against her better judgment—become somewhat more comfortable with her berserker fury and its role in defeating the party’s foes. However, she still holds out hope that after the dragon’s plot has been thwarted she can return to the life of a scholar and attempt to salvage her academic reputation.

Sofie has finally acknowledged her feelings for Aldern and is caring for his pet owl Yuki while he is away. Continuing her research (and looking for distraction), she traveled with her “bestie” Knives to the town of Bellis in Andoran to attend a wedding.


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